AHA! - Annual Hallwalls Auction

3 - 6 June, 2021
Preview Party on 3 June at 6pm

One-of-a-kind artwork generously donated by artistic partners from our nearly 50 year history . Each work will be available through a virtual silent auction which runs for the course of 4 days.

The auction will open on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 6pm and end on Sunday June 6th at 9pm sharp

Visit hallwalls.org/aha for more details.

Photo credit Marla Hlady

Coppertone (2021)

Commissioned by the BMO Corporate Art Collection

Ready in studio for documentation process by Peppercorn Imagine Studio.



12 December, 2021

12-hour online event organized by Christof Migone and presented online by Resonance Extra (London, UK) and Wave Farm Radio (Hudson, NY).

HOUR 2: SCARBOROUGH HOUR with Christopher Dela Cruz, Eric Slyfield, Erika DeFreitas and Tiffany Schofield

HOUR 12: SWAN SONG collaborative work with Christof Migone


Fluid Resilience

Fluid ResilienceAbove photos credit Maria Sewcz
Fluid Resilience
Photo credit Miche Moreno

Fluid Resilience
16 - 18 October, 2020

Sound design for choreographic dance performance by Shannon Cooney. Sound engineering by Miche Moreno.

Open Spaces Tanzfabrik-Uferstudios (Berlin, Germany)


Static Gestures

Artforum Critic's Pick: Toronto
Swan Song at Christie Contemporary
21 May – 11 July, 2020

"The sound that emanates from Marla Hlady and Christof Migone’s exhibition “Swan Song” is a sustained jangling tone that gradually, sometimes imperceptibly, adjusts itself."

Read more from Daniella Sanader at Artforum, here.

Christie Contemporary
64 Miller St
Toronto M6N 2Z9
T +1 416 551.2005
[email protected]


Playing Piano LP

squint press online launch
hosted by Art Metropole

3 July, 2020

squint press is proud to present an online event in support of their recent publications. The event will feature live and recorded presentations/interventions/performances by Simon Brown, Marla Hlady, Private Robots (Juliana Pivato & Seb Roberts), Alexandre St-Onge, and Xuan Ye. squint press was founded in 1999 by Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge.

All proceeds from sales at this event will be donated to Black Lives Matter – Toronto and Hoodstock Montréal-Nord

Art Metropole

squint press


Static Gestures


21 March – TBD, 2020

The gallery is delighted to share Marla Hlady and Christof Migone’s exhibition, Swan Song, with a video interview that discusses the work and recounts their installment as the 2019 Glenfiddich Canadian Artists-in-Residence at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. With thanks to Marla Hlady and Christof Migone, Glenfiddich Distillery, and Peppercorn Imagine Studio — the gallery could not have anticipated how critical this record of work would be in this moment.

Christie Contemporary is temporarily closed due to cautions around COVID-19. Once we are safely able to open our doors to regular hours, this exhibition will be on view. We look forward to welcoming you back to the gallery. Stay well!

Christie Contemporary
64 Miller St
Toronto M6N 2Z9
T +1 416 551.2005
[email protected]


Static Gestures

Static Gestures

Playing Piano vinyl (2020) 

Playing Piano features a partially deconstructed upright player piano prepared in the spirit of John Cage. This fully mechanized 1920’s player piano is animated by a motor and pneumatics (as opposed to being played by a person). A perforated paper roll, the physical translation of the musical score, controls the mechanized elements. The preparations to Playing Piano include various machines which strum and press a pie plate against the strings, whistle using the air of the pneumatics and amplify various parts of the piano’s mechanics. An array of sensors placed on the strings in conjunction with a computer and a series of microprocessors, enables the player piano to control these preparations.

Recorded at: YYZ Artists’ Outlet in Toronto (January 2008) and mixed in Calgary (May 2018), both by John Abram. Mastered by: Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering, Montreal (June 2018).

Available at SQUINT _ _ _ _ _ _ PRESS [squint 00P] and

More info about Playing Piano (2008) sculpture


Feeling SoundPhoto by Christof Migone

Feeling Sound

Feeling Sound

Feeling Sound

Feeling Sound, Performing Access 

21 February, 2020
Sound performance with Ellen Moffat and Gordon Monahan at Guelph Museums

Guelph Civic Museum
52 Norfolk Street
The building is physically accessible and the performance will have ASL Interpretation.

Feeling Sound, Performing Access is co-presented by Guelph Museums and VibraFusionLab with support from the Musagetes Fund through the Guelph Community Foundation.



Static Gestures

Static Gestures

Static Gestures

Static Gestures

Static Gestures

Static Gestures
Photos by Marla Hlady and Christof Migone

Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Exhibition 

27 July - 25 August, 2019
Glenfiddich Distillery
Free admission

Private viewing 26 July - 6:30 p.m.

Artists: Raju Baraiya, Penelope Cain, Samantha Cheevers, Linh Do, Marla Hlady & Christof Migone, Liao Chien Chung, Ryu Biho

For the past 18 years the Glenfiddich Distillery has been honoured to play host to an array of visual artists from around the world.

Each artist spends three months living and working at the distillery, harvesting ideas and inspirations before distilling them down into a fresh range of visual interpretations that document their experience in The Valley of the Deer.

Since arriving in early May, Marla Hlady and Christof Migone have spent many hours collecting sounds from all areas of the distillery. The sound of water rushing from the Robbie Dhu spring in the Conval hills, the daily actions of our coopers and warehouse teams, the clinking of bottles as they go down the filling lines have all been merged with a special arrangement of vocal recordings made by many of the workers in an audio piece entitled the Doric Dozen.

- excerpted from exhibition media release

Glenfiddich Distillery
Castle Road, Dufftown
AB55 4DH, Scotland


Static Gestures

Glenfiddich Artists In Residence Program 

The 2019 Canadian Artists in Residence Prize

World-class scotch whisky leader Glenfiddich has awarded Canadian artists Marla Hlady and Christof Migone the 2019 Artist-in-Residence prize. Valued at $20,000, the prize includes airfare, accommodation, living expenses and a substantial production budget. Hlady and Migone will spend the summer working on a new project together, at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

The three-month program hosts eight artists from around the globe to produce new works inspired by the distillery, history, heritage, people, and craftsmanship of the surrounding area. While in Dufftown, the artists live in crofts, and are encouraged to share in a dialogue with one another and to foster cross-disciplinary ideas. Hlady and Migone’s proposal to explore the congenial gesture of ‘raising a glass’ perfectly encapsulates this spirit.



Static Gestures

FLUFF | Lancement d'album / Album launch 

8 February, 2019 - 5 p.m.-8 p.m.

jointly with the Mois Multi

Listening 5 p.m. | Launch 6 p.m.
Avatar | 5th floor
Free admission, welcome to all!

Québec City, January 29, 2019 – Artists Marla Hlady and Eric Chenaux are pursuing their collaboration through their vinyl album "fluff", an unprecedented duet creation resulting from what they called “field-performance-recording” experimentations. Stemming from a hybrid practice at the crossroad of music and sound art, their tracks were produced at Avatar in June 2017, as part of a residency during which they explored the acoustic and poetic properties of specific locations - a gymnasium and a shelter in the woods.

Join us for the listening of fluff and a casual artist talk with Marla Hlady!

In association with community partners at Underbelly and Musicworks Magazine

541 rue De Saint-Vallier Est
Quebec, Quebec G1K3P9


Static Gestures
Photo by Christopher Dela Cruz
Performance documentation, video excerpt (click image above).

Making Sounds With Stuff: Static Gestures 

5 January, 2019 - 7:30pm-1:00am

Artists: Marla Hlady & Christof Migone, Wesley Peñalosa, Sara Tracy & Jason Gillingham (Montreal), Rob Cruickshank, Raul Altosaar

Static Gestures — an evening of sound performances using physical objects in unconventional ways to produce sound. This show is part of an ongoing original series at Electric Perfume, Making Sounds With Stuff.

In association with community partners at Underbelly and Musicworks Magazine

Electric Perfume
805 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J1L2


An Exercise in Actively Listening
Review of Static Gestures by Rashana Youtzy, The Strand

Photo by Bea Rodrigues

Fielding: Solo with Cases 2018

for a performance series by FEMALE TROUBLE collective

14 December 2018

Shannon Cooney, choreography and dance
Marla Hlady in collaboration with Eric Chenaux, sound

Vierte Welt, Kotbusser Tor

Static Gestures

Experimental Intermedia

EI December 2018 Performance Series

7 December, 2018

The Forty-fifth Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and not least, The Twenty-eighth annual Festival with no fancy name, Part One (or A)
- Phil Niblock, Curator

Marla Hlady and Christof Migone collaborate on somatic performance and mechanized kinetics with sound at the centre. Their strategies include: Shifting singulars into plural; adding ad infinitum, but then distilling until densities emerge; some humour tinged with pathos; taking the word ‘concern’ seriously, yet steeped in explorations that retain a notion of play; rerouting, reinjecting, responding; finding edges; mining particularities; rippled resonances; subtle alterations of tension and attention; moored, anchored even, yet nimble, and at times furtive

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor
New York, NY 10013


The 5th Sound Effects Seoul: Women Hack SFX Seoul 2018

The 5th Sound Effects Seoul: Women Hack SFX Seoul 2018

Exhibition runs from 9 November - 9 December, 2018
Alternative Space LOOP

Opening: 6pm, 9 Nov 2018

Artists: Marla Hlady, Insook Bae, Wonjung Shin, Elico Suzuki, Ioana Vreme Moser

Discussion: 2pm-5pm, 10 Nov 2018

Workshops & Artist Talks:
3pm, 11 Nov, Elico Suzuki
5pm, 13 Nov, Marla Hlady
3pm, 17 Nov, Ioana Vreme Moser

Performance Night:
7:30pm, 15 Nov 2018, Channel 1969

Alternative Space LOOP
20, Wausan-ro 29na-gil
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea (335-11, Seogyo-dong)

Points of Listening

Points of Listening

PoL # 44 Stereo Play

Thursday 12 July from 6:30-8:30pm
London College of Communication (Directions)

Free. To reserve your place please RSVP [email protected]

Marla Hlady will facilitate a listening session, Stereo Play, where workshop participants will listen to their own field recording* ‘live’ mixed using Mic Spin microphone machines.

For this listening workshop, two Mic Spin machines will be used to actively play with the stereophonic field. What happens when the familiarity of the stereo sound image is disrupted?

*Bring a field recording no longer than 5 minutes on external hard drive. Format can be MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc. 16bit, 44.1 kHz.

London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle
London SE1 6SB
+44 (0)20 7514 6500



Record Shop

30 June - 11 August
Opening Saturday 30 June from 2-5pm

MKG127 is pleased to present Record Shop, a group exhibition including work by Sonny Assu (Vancouver), Deanna Bowen, Bill Burns, Dave Dyment, Roula Partheniou, Geoffrey Pugen, Marla Hlady, Christof Migone (Toronto), Michael Dumontier, Suzie Smith (Winnipeg), Instant Coffee (Vancouver/Winnipeg), Laura Kikauka (Meaford, ON) and Eleanor King (New York).

1445 Dundas St. West, Toronto


SINCE_Somatics In Creation

Fielding: Solo with Cases 2018

Wednesday 13 June at 8:30pm
Doors open at 8:15pm

Shannon Cooney, choreography and dance
Marla Hlady in collaboration with Eric Chenaux, sound

Fielding is shaped by performing the practice of Moveable Cinema; a heightened visually sensed movement practice with multiple relationships that are interactive with light, sound, space and people. Layers of light, direction and texture are both highlighting the performance of the practice, as well as subtly informing the vibrancy of the movement.

Scores drawn by Marla Hlady are performed and shape the choreography; highlighting her series “Graphic Scores (2010)” and “Sound Events (2010)” (Ink and graphite on paper). These multilayered drawings are integrated spatially, viscerally and temporally.

Somatische Akademie Berlin
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30


Array Music

Rat-drifting 4: Marla Hlady and Christof Migone

Saturday 17 February at 8pm
Array Space ($15/PWYC)

Artists Marla Hlady and Christof Migone collaborate in a night of somatic performance and mechanized kinetics with sound at the centre.

155 Walnut Ave., Toronto



Sunday 17 December
Doors open at 7pm, concert starts at 7:30pm

Performances by:
Takahiro Kawaguchi (self-made instrument) solo
Christof Migone solo
Marla Hlady solo
Christof Migone and Marla Hlady duo

Admission: 2,000 yen (same price for reserved tickets and tickets purchased at the door; however, those who reserve tickets will receive 5 times the usual number of points on their Ftarri point cards)

Organizer: Ftarri

*Store hours on this day will be 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

SFX Seoul

Sound Effects (SFX) Seoul 2017

Sound Effects Seoul 2017
Revolution Will Not be Televised

ArKO Museum, Seoul
Dec 8th, 2017 – Jan 31st, 2018
Organized by Sound Art Korea
Sponsored by Art Council Korea

Directors: Baruch Gottlieb, Ji Yoon Yang

Participants: Christof Migone + Marla Hlady, Chulki Hong, Kichul Kim, Youngsup Kim, Ha Cha Youn, Heba Y. Amin, Youngmean Kang, Halil Altindere, Young-hae Chang Heavy Industries, Fahrettin Orenli


Shannon Cooney


Fielding is shaped by performing the practice of Moveable Cinema; a heightened visually sensed movement practice with multiple relationships that are interactive with light, sound, space and people.

Performances at Tanzfabrik Open Spaces: 3.11 at 18:00 open General Rehearsal (first come first serve)
4.11 +5.11 at 7pm Performances, ticketed event

Please see: Tanzfabrik Berlin Open Spaces

Performed by and with Shannon Cooney, Alicia Grant, Josefine Mühle and Claudia Tomasi

Dramaturgy: Igor Dobricic, Sound: Marla Hlady, Music: Marla Hlady and Eric Chenaux, Light: Emese Csornai, Costume: Nina Gundlach

Funded by The Canada Council for the Arts with support from the Tanzfabrik Berlin

Research supported by the Toronto Dance Community Love-In, the Oxygen Art Centre, Nelson BC, Weld Company, Stockholm, Çiplak Ayaklar Kumpanyasi, Istanbul.



A solo exhibition by Marla Hlady

November 24 – January 6
Opening Friday 24 November at 6pm

For this series, Hlady uses individual frames from the seminal 1974 sound-focused film, The Conversation, as a way to explore drawn sound. Still asks questions: How can mark-making be used to describe a sonic event when sound is only knowable as a discrete event, when it is no longer audible? Drawing holds time differently than a snapshot. What happens when two different representations of time are combined?

Christie Contemporary
64 Miller St
Toronto M6N 2Z9
T +1 416 551.2005
[email protected]

11am-6pm or by appointment


Standing Under Mis

A collaboration between Marla Hlady & Christof Migone and Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau

September 6 – October 28
Opening Wednesday 6 September at 6pm

Katzman Contemporary is hosting Marla, Christof, Chloë, Yannick and their stuff in the gallery for our second unofficial summer residency. As of August 8, the artists have moved their materials into all of the gallery spaces, and are making new work collaboratively in situ.

Katzman Contemporary
86 Miller St
Toronto M6N 2Z9
T +1 416 654.9515
[email protected]


Residency + Collaboration
Eric Chenaux and Marla Hlady

June 2017

The duet of artists is in residence at Avatar to make field recording and sound performances. Eric Chenaux and Marla Hlady sound out places by performing in sites and recording that place in a kind field-performance recording. Once back in the sound studio, Hlady’s spinning microphones are then used to perform the sound again.

541, De Saint-Vallier Est, bureau 5-62
Québec (Québec) G1K 3P9
T +1 418 522.8918
[email protected]


VibraFusion Lab
Bridging Practices in Accessibility, Art and Communication

5 May - 2 July, 2017
Opening reception: Friday 19 May at 7pm
(Audio and visual interpreters will be present at the opening.)

Guest Curator David Bobier
Artists: Lindsay Fisher, Marla Hlady, Ellen Moffat, Gordon Monahan, Alison O'Daniel, Lynx Sainte-Marie

Curator Talk: Thursday 8 June at 7:30pm

Thames Art Gallery
75 William Street North
Chatham, ON N7M 4L4
T +1 519 360.1998


Sounds Assembling: Communication and the Art of Noise

13 May to 10 September, 2017

Museum London
421 Ridout Street North
London, ON N6A 5H4
T +1 519 661.0333

Gallery Open:
Tuesday to Sunday: 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm
Thursday: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm

Summer Hours:
Open at 11:00 am from May 23 to September 3



19 - 26 February, 2017
Opening reception: 18 February, 8pm

Presented by Avatar as part of Le Mois Multi 2017, a month long festival of multidisciplinary and electronic arts

Curated by Ariane Plante

Avatar Studio
541, De Saint-Vallier Est, bureau 5-62
Québec (Québec) G1K 3P9
T +1 418 522.8918

See more here.

Millionaire (machine)

Millionaire (machine)

26 November, 2016 - 14 January, 2017

The collaborative work with Christof Migone can be seen in the window of Zalucky Contemporary as part of Migone’s exhibition Press Play

Curated by Juliana Zalucky

Zalucky Contemporary
3044 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario M6P 1Z3

Christie Contemporary

Christie Contemporary, Inaugural Exhibition

Now represented by Christie Contemporary

Therese Bolliger, Marla Hlady, Samuel de Lange, David Merritt

21 October – 26 November, 2016

Curated by Claire Christie

Christie Contemporary
64 Miller Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6N 2Z9

More Caught in the Act book

More Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women, eds. Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars.

Featured in Christof Migone’s essay Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe: Silence and Sound in Performance

Available at yyzbooks.com

send and receive

send + receive: a festival of sound [version 18]

October 13 - 16, 2016
Exhibitions open: September 15, 29 and October 7

send + receive is an international festival that investigates the disciplines of experimental music and sound art, and is one of the longest standing media arts festivals in North America focusing exclusively on sound-based work. It presents an invaluable opportunity for showcasing the innovative work of Manitoban, Canadian and international artists. send + receive addresses the need for a critical and intimate platform for audio based art locally, nationally & internationally.

Unstuck | Marla Hlady
October 7 – 28, 2016
aceartinc., 290 McDermot Ave., 2nd floor
Tuesday–Saturday, noon–5:00pm

Artist talk and opening reception October 7 at 7:00pm.



Georgina Bringas, Marla Hlady, Karen Kraven, Kristiina Lahde, Francine Savard

Curated by Claire Christie

21 January - 20 February, 2016
Opening reception: Thursday, January 28 from 6 - 8 pm

Diaz Contemporary
100 Niagara Street
Toronto, Ontario

a la researche

À la recherche (in search of practice-based research)

Curated by Barbara Balfour

January 8, 2016 – February 6, 2016
Opening reception: January 8, 2016 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Open Studio
401 Richmond Street West, Suite #104
Toronto, Ontario

exhibiting sound


Howard Bashaw, Courtney Brown, Marla Hlady, Gary James Joynes, Eleanor King, Stephan Moore, Scott Smallwood

Co-curated by David Candler & Scott Smallwood

October 22 – November 14, 2015

dc3 Art Projects
10567 – 111 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

neutral ground

WANTED: An Exhibition of Objects of Dread and Desire

Jack Anderson, Brett Graham, Marla Hlady, Darren Lago, Kevin McKenzie, John Noestheden, Manuela Ribadeneira

Curated by Elizabeth Matheson

September 19 - December 12, 2015

Opening reception: September 19, 2015, 8:00 pm
Remarks and Curatorial Walkthrough, 9:30 pm

errant bodies

Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art

Warbler’s Roost

July 1-September 26, 2015

Sound Travels is a festival produced by NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art)

In a world that often focuses too much on the visual, Sound Travels brings about a refreshing change as it presents works by sound artists that extract compelling musicality and wordless dramas from everyday sounds often taken for granted. From this lush auditory experience, audiences author their own imaginary world in their mind’s eye. – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art

The annual Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art includes interactive installations, performances, Youth Sound Art Workshops, the Sound Travels Intensive and the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium.

Warbler’s Roost
3785D Eagle Lake Rd on Deer Lake
(information coming soon)

errant bodies

Rhubarb, rhubarb, peas and carrots

Erin Gee, Marla Hlady, Erika Lincoln, Stephanie Loveless, and Ellen Moffat

Curated by Blair Fornwald

July 17-September 5, 2015

Marla Hlady Artist Talk: Friday, July 17, 6:00 pm

Rhubarb, rhubarb, peas and carrots takes its title from the murmurings of background actors in theatre and film.  When repeated by a group of people, phrases like "rhubarb, rhubarb," "peas and carrots," "watermelon, cantaloupe,” or the nonsensical “walla, walla,” “natter, natter,” or “grommish, grommish” mimic the natural cadence and tone of indistinct chatter. It is an instance where language does not signify, where our eyes and ears are simultaneously fooled into thinking that the nonsensical, meaningless, and surreal is normal and intelligible conversation. Here, the phrase serves to unite the works of five artists whose practices explore sound, music, and language, highlighting discrepancies between what is said, meant, heard, and understood.

Dunlop Art Gallery
Central Gallery
2311 12th Avenue
Regina, Canada

Regina Public Library
RPL Film Theatre
2311 12th Avenue, Regina

errant bodies

Count and Strike and Spin

Marla Hlady in collaboration with Christof Migone

June 27-July 5, 2015

From June 27th to July 5th, Hlady and Migone will inhabit the Errant Bodies Sound Art Space with a project that is somewhere between an installation, a performance and a residency.

Starting June 28 and ending July 4, a guest will participate in a conversation. Each conversation is recorded using untreated and treated microphones (i.e. the spinning microphone). This sound is processed and used in the space the following day as a sound element, again using the spinning microphones as a way to further process the sound.

Conversation schedule: Saturday/Sunday 16hr, weekdays 18hr

Sunday, June 28 – Gwen MacGregor + Lewis Nicolson
Monday, June 29 – Caleb Kelly + Kusum Normoyle
Tuesday, June 30 – Linnea Semmerling
Thursday, July 2 – Kristan Horton
Friday, July 3 – Emma Waltraud Howes
Saturday, July 4 – Heidi Sill + Michael Schultze

This residency project is based on an on-going premise for sound collaborations developed by Hlady in which she takes some element of a collaborator’s practice and mechanizes it. Hlady’s own mechanical instruments are also part of the mix. Migone’s Hit Parade was the starting premise for this collaboration.

Errant Bodies Sound Art Space
Kollwitzstrasse 97
10435 Berlin

manif d'art 6

Pleasure Room Exhibition
Digifest 2015
May 7-9, 2015


Corus Quay Building
25 Dockside Drive
Main Atrium

Digifest’s 2015 festival will explore the interconnected themes of Privacy, Money and Pleasure titled Pleasure Room, a dynamic, experienced-based conversation about how technology impacts our daily lives.

Presented by George Brown College School of Design in partnership with Corus Entertainment

Ticket information here.

manif d'art 6

manif d'art 6
Photos by Stefan A. Rose

Orchestra of the Tactile
April 23, 2015

Presented by
| VibraFusion Lab | The Music Gallery

Orchestra of the Tactile is a one-night audio/tactile experimental concert presenting new compositions and works exploring tactile or vibratory modalities of sound and music. The event is open-ended: audience members can arrive anytime and stay for any length of time between 8pm and 10pm.

Thursday, April 23
Doors: 7pm | Concert: 8-10pm
The Music Gallery
197 John St.


AGO First Thursdays
April 2, 2015


manif d'art 6

manif d'art 6

40 Years - 40 Yeahs!
Art Metropole Anniversary
November 5 – 20, 2014

A Benefit Auction for Art Metropole

On October 26th, 1974, General Idea opened shop in a former art supply store in an attempt to make art available to a broad constituency. 40 Years, and a few moves later, Art Metropole is one of Canada’s leading non-profits, with a continued focus on artist-initiated publication across various media and contexts. The proceeds of this once-in-a-lifetime benefit will be shared with artists from Art Metropole’s past, present and future generations.

manif d'art 6

manif d'art 6

perdePIED/Losing one’s footing
June 19 – August 31, 2014

Biennale Nationale Sculpture Contemporaine

Pierre Bruneau, Cooke-Sasseville, Paul de Guzman, Jannick Deslauriers, Marla Hlady, Krijn de Koning, Guillaume Labrie, François Mathieu, Carolane Saint-Pierre, Barthélémy Toguo

See the artists and their work here.

manif d'art 6

5 over 4:
Marla Hlady, Eleanor King, Duncan McDonald, Christof Migone, Ursula Nistrup
May 2 - June 29, 2014

Idea Exchange
Queen's Square
1 North Square
Cambridge, ON

5 over 4 is a group exhibition featuring five contemporary artists working with sound as part of expanded practices in video, installation, sculpture, drawing and performance. These artists probe concerns surrounding listening modes, silence and noise in art and daily life, music and ordinary sounds. The exhibition title refers to a polyrhythmic pattern where several lines of rhythms syncopate to introduce complexity and irregularity to a beat. Here, lines in various sensorial and conceptual registers will run in parallel and also at times intersect. This may sound geometrically incorrect, but this proposition will bend the lines with a combination of playfulness and rigor.

Video stills by Juliana Pivato

September 13, 2013 - January 5, 2014

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
101 Queen Street North
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 6P7

Curator's Tour: Friday, September 13, 7-8pm
Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 8-10pm

Adam David Brown, Jessica Eaton, Karilee Fuglem, Marla Hlady, Richard Sewell, Charles Stankievech
Curated by Shannon Anderson | Organized by KW|AG


manif d'art 6

Catalogue Release
Marla Hlady: Rooms & Walls
Published by Oakville Galleries and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Centre, 2013

Oakville Galleries and Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center have published a catalogue documenting related exhibitions at the two galleries. Included is a forward by Oakville Galleries’ Director, Matthew Hyland and essays by Marnie Fleming, Martin Arnold and John Massier.

Oakville Galleries (01/2013) 80 pp 40 col. ill. 8 x 5 in softcover 978-1-894707-35-0
$18.00 Can. $20.00 U.S. Available here.


manif d'art 6

Seeing Sound: Marla Hlady And The Art Of Noise
Canadian Art Feature by Shannon Anderson
Posted: May 24, 2013

Read article here.


manif d'art 6

manif d'art 6

Ed Ruscha
Books & Co.

March 5 - April 27, 2013

Gagosian Gallery
980 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10075

Opening reception: Tuesday, March 5, 8pm

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Ed Ruscha’s legendary artist books together with books and works of art by more than 100 contemporary artists that respond directly and diversely to Ruscha’s original project. Organized by Bob Monk, “Ed Ruscha Books & Co.” has been drawn from private collections, including Ruscha’s own. Most of the books are installed so that viewers can interact with them and browse their pages.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10-6

Road Test is a collaboration by Corinne Carlson, Karen Henderson, and Marla Hlady



Photos by Jerome Parayno (below)




January 16 - March 10, 2013

Curated by Christof Migone
co-presented by Blackwood Gallery and Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

Dave Dyment, Alexis O'Hara, Darsha Hewitt, John Oswald, Ian Skedd, Charles Stankievech

Mitchell Akiyama, crys cole, Marla Hlady, Neil Klassen, David Lieberman, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sylvia Matas, David Merritt, Ryan Park, Juliana Pivato, Alexandre St-Onge, Chiyoko Szlavnics, John Wynne

Opening Reception at Blackwood Gallery:
Wednesday January 16, 5 - 8pm
A FREE shuttle bus will depart at 5:30pm from Mercer Union (1286 Bloor Street W.) and return for 8pm. Artists will be in attendance.

Opening Reception at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery:
Thursday January 17, 7 - 9pm
Artists will be in attendance.


Related Events:

SOUND BY ARTISTS: Book Launch and Panel Talks
Sunday February 3, 12 – 6pm
Hart House, University of Toronto

Join us for a series of talks and come celebrate the launch of a facsimile edition of Sound by Artists (edited by Dan Lander & Micah Lexier), originally published in 1990 and now re-published by Blackwood Gallery & Charivari Press. Invited speakers and moderators include Seth Kim-Cohen, Martin Arnold, Dan Lander, Jim Drobnick, Marla Hlady, David Merritt, Juliana Pivato, Adi Louria-Hayon, Barbara Fischer, Nicole Gingras and Christof Migone. For more information and the talk schedule, please visit the Justina M. Barnicke website.

February 23 & 24, 10 – 6pm
Blackwood Gallery, UTM

A two day hybrid event with 13 selected presentations led by three distinguished mentors: Marc Couroux (composer, Associate Professor, Time-Based Art, York University), Marla Hlady (artist, lecturer at UTSC) and Brandon LaBelle (Berlin-based artist, writer, professor at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway). Moderated by Steph Berntson (PhD candidate, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies, UofT). Hosted by Christof Migone (artist, lecturer, Director/Curator Blackwood Gallery).

For more information on the conference, including how to register (spaces are limited!). For a full list of presenters click here.

Thank you to McWood Studios for the donation of the floor.



Photos by Juuso Noronkoski (above)

Five thousand generations of birds

August 11-12, 2012

Five Thousand Generations of birds was an exhibition located in the archipelago of Fitjar, on the West coast of Norway, - a landscape consisting of 381 islands, isles and reefs. The exhibition was located at Smedholmen, together with a number of surrounding isles.

Each participating artist was given an island to produce a temporary and site specific work.

Smedaholmen Tourist (with Amplifiers) was a new work produced by Marla Hlady for this exhibition. The sound was created in collaboration with Eric Chenaux.

Five thousand generations of birds was initiated by the artists Silje Linge Haaland and Andrea Bakketun.



manif d'art 6

manif d'art 6

The Québec City Biennial
Manif d’art 6 : machines on the march

May 3 - June 3, 2012

Main Site / Official Selection
Marla Hlady, Leveler

Espace 400e Bell
100, rue du Quai Saint-André, Québec

Opening reception: Tuesday, May 3, 8pm

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Wednesday 12pm - 5pm
Thursday - Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm

Collaborators / Official Selection
Drawings and Prints; Marla Hlady and Jean Tinguely

510, Côte d'Abram, Québec

Opening reception: Saturday, May 5, 7pm

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday - Friday 12pm - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday 1pm - 5pm


Junction Neighbours Group Exhibition

Exhibition: Local Call, Junction Neighbours Group Exhibition

March 7 - 31, 2012

Opening reception on Friday, March 9, 6-9pm

Artists in attendance

Telephone Booth Gallery
3148 Dundas Street West, Toronto
(The Junction, Dundas at St. Johns Rd.)

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday by appt.
Wednesday - Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm







Solo exhibition: Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Centre

January 13 to February 24

Opening reception on January 13, 8 - 11pm

Artists' Talk January 13, 8pm



Exhibition: Centre for Art Tapes

Broadcasting for Reels: Sounds (Extra)Ordinary

January 1 to February 2

Opening reception on February 1, 7-9pm

Alderney Landing, 2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3Z3

The Centre for Art Tapes is pleased to present Broadcasting for Reels: Sounds (Extra)Ordinary, an audio art presentation on CKDU 88.1 FM, CJSF (Burnaby), CFBX (Kamloops), CIVL (Abbotsford), CKXU (Lethbridge) and CFUV (Victoria) – broadcasting date February 1st 2012.

Broadcasting For Reels is an audio art exhibition presented annually by the Centre for Art Tapes since 1993. Exhibition curator and host Chris Myhr chose this year’s theme of Sounds (Extra)Ordinary. The international roster of selected artists includes John Abram, Marla Hlady, Francisco Lopez, Rachel Woolmore-Goodwin and John Wynne; as well as collaborative works from Matt Rogalsky and Laura Cameron, and the Audio Lodge collective.

The Centre for Art has partnered with Alderney Landing to install the work in an elevator as a transitory architectural space. The installation will act as a public intervention and be an open place for audience attendees. The opening reception for both the audio installation and radio broadcast will be on February 1st 2012. The opening reception will take place at Alderney Landing from 7-9Pm on February 1st. All are welcome to attend!


Set to Set

Set to Set

Set to Set

Set to Set

Set to Set
Photos by Annie Onyi Cheung and Christof Migone

Solo exhibition: Oakville Galleries

September 24 to November 6

Opening reception on September 25


Set to Set

New Adventures in Sound Art: Sound Travels Intensive

Aug 16 to 20, 2011

Guest artist presentation by Marla Hlady - Friday, August 19 at 1pm

The Sound Travels Intensive is an opportunity for artists, composers and musicians from across Canada and around the world to create and present new work in Toronto, exchange ideas with others, and hone their skills in diverse aspects of sound and electroacoustic practice. Five intense days of workshop sessions, private instruction and creative activity culminate in a public concert presentation at Toronto's Artscape Wychwood Barns. This year's Intensive features masterclasses by renowned acousmatic composer Jonty Harrison, alongside core workshops in audio production (Darren Copeland), DIY electronics (Rob Cruickshank) and interactive audio & MaxMSP (David Ogborn) with guest lectures by Marla Hlady and Jessica Thompson.
Participants must apply by Friday July 15 at 12 noon Toronto time to be eligible for a limited number of scholarship and billeting possibilities.

Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie #252, Toronto


Set to Set

Set to Set
Photo by Tom Bilenkey

Set to Set
Marlee Choo, Patrick Macaulay, and Marla Hlady



Visual Arts at Harbourfront Centre

Curated by Patrick Macaulay

Four artists present works which ask the viewer to actively witness the exhibition by intently stopping, watching and listening.

April 16 - June 12

Gallery hours: Tue to Sun - noon to 6pm


Set to Set


Set to Set

Solo exhibition: Jessica Bradley Art + Projects

February 26 – March 26

Opening February 26 - 3 to 6pm

Gallery hours: Wed to Sat - noon to 5pm or by appointment


Album cover photo by Rene Lear


Soundball #4 (2004)

Soundball #4 is featured on the album cover of the newly released “Warm Weather With Ryan Driver”, Eric Chenaux’s newest album with Constellation Records.

Warm Weather With Ryan Driver is Eric’s third album for Constellation, which has been the conduit for his primary song-oriented solo work since 2006. Building on his fruitful collaboration with piano/synth/melodica player Ryan Driver – whose key role on the new album is signaled by his inclusion in its very title – the new record is without doubt Chenaux’s most accomplished and focused work of forward-looking, contemporary balladry.” -- Constellation Records

Check it out at


Nite Ride DVD


A Case for Sound: Nite Ride (2009)

Artengine recently launched a DVD publication for the Nite Ride project. This includes 5.1 surround and stereo versions of the works; printed maps of the driving routes; texts by project co-curator Emily Falvey and Artengine’s Artistic Director Ryan Stec.

contact Artengine if you wish to purchase the publication.



Electric Eclectic


Hum (2003)

30 July to 1 August

Part of Electric Eclectic 5

"Hum" was recently installed in a grain silo for the Electric Eclectic Festival in Meaford, Ontario. This time there were eight fans with a corresponding eight sound sources. See Hum in the sculpture section to hear an audio clip.




Unlevel 2 (2009)

12 to 24 December

Part of Art Metropole's

An edition of 8 levels made out of 2” painted wood balls with various numbers of bullseye levels. One of eight has one level, two of eight has two levels, etc. A bullseye level checks for level in all horizontal axes at once.



Photo by Annie Onyi Cheung


A Case for Sound (2009)

23 to 31 October

Part of

The recording of “A Case for Sound” just recently took place in my studio. A big thanks goes to composer and recording genius John Abram for managing the process. And then there are the performers: Christof, Allison, Martin, Steven, Amber, Malcolm, Leslie, Monica.

Visit Artengine’s site for a thorough overview of the project http://artengine.ca/



Panel Discussion (2009-11)

21 November


The Robert McLaughlin Gallery presents the exhibition: Samuel Roy-Bois: Polarizer from 21 November- 10 January 2010.

To launch this exhibition the Robert McLaughlin Gallery hosted a symposium entitled Artist as Engineer. The symposium explored the role of the artist as an experiential engineer. The part which he or she plays in shaping the nature of contemporary art and exhibition experience is investigated by how the audience both engages and relates to the engineered environment.

The event was moderated by Susan G. Cole, Senior Entertainment Editor for NOW Magazine. Guest speakers: Erin L. Webster, University of Toronto Scarborough. Artists Marla Hlady and Samuel Roy-Bois.

Symposium was held on Saturday, 21 November at 1 P.M. at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.



Playing Piano (2007-08)

16 September to 24 October


Installed at the Robert Langen Gallery, Wilfred Laurier University (Waterloo, Ontario)


Photo by Terence Cooke


Sound Objects (2003-07)


The Only One My Arms Will Ever Hold (Blue Moon) (2003)
In collaboration with John Abram

3 July to 15 August

Part of

Electric Eclectics is a festival of experimental music and sound art, operating in Meaford, Ontario, Canada since 2006.

Sound Objects was on display at the Meaford Museum and Blue Moon was installed at the Funny Farm (site of Electric Eclectic) in a tractor trailor.



Playing Piano (2007-08)

29 May - 5 July

Part of

RESOUNDING presented works by five artists that explore unexpected ways of generating sound, either through the manipulation of musical instruments – both real and toy versions – or through the construction of musical objects. Through these works the artists examine ideas about intended and unintended ‘music’, harmony and disharmony and what happens when human control is partially relinquished in the pursuit of specific musical outcomes.

RESOUNDING was curated by Dalhousie Art Gallery’s Sym Corrigan and Peter Dykhuis as part of Sound Bytes 2009: Halifax Art and Audio, a citywide festival taking place at local galleries and performance venues throughout May and June.



Curtain Machine (2007-08)

26 July to 27 July

Site work in Görlitzerstrasse 49, Berlin (Germany)

“Curtain Machine” consisted of three mechanical curtains controlled by a machine operator, Canadian dancer/choreographer Shannon Cooney. Located out of sight, in front of Shannon, were three speed/direction dials, one for each curtain. Using a set of performance instructions, audio and visual cues were used to determine when, how fast and how much to move each curtain layer. At night with the scrim-like fabric lit from inside, the space was visible through the fabric but visual access to the outside was severely limited; the aural cues were therefore critical. As machines were activated however, external environmental sounds were drowned out by machine sounds. As well, because of the surrounding architecture, many of the sounds bounced wildly creating confusion as to their origin. What resulted was a kind of conundrum - a score that seemed simple enough to perform – stand still, listen and respond with a turn of a dial – became an arduous performance.