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Playing Piano- 2020

Vinyl LP with digital download

Produced by Marla Hlady and Squint Press (squint 00P)

Duration: 44 minutes, 01 seconds

Photo: Front cover

Listen online here

Playing Piano�features a partially deconstructed upright player piano prepared in the spirit of John Cage. This fully mechanized 1920�s player piano is animated by a motor and pneumatics (as opposed to being played by a person). A perforated paper roll, the physical translation of the musical score, controls the mechanized elements. The preparations to�Playing Piano�include various machines which strum and press a pie plate against the strings, whistle using the air of the pneumatics and amplify various parts of the piano�s mechanics. An array of sensors placed on the strings in conjunction with a computer and a series of microprocessors, enables the player piano to control these preparations.

Recorded at: YYZ Artists� Outlet in Toronto (January 2008) and mixed in Calgary (May 2018), both by John Abram. Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering, Montreal (June 2018).

See also: Playing Piano (2008), YYZ Artist Outlet