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Bag Machine (video) - 2010

Materials: 2 channel HD video with sound

Two unseen performers unfurl a paper bag, slowly. The paper bag is suspended in mid air by four nylon lines that are attached and threaded through the bag to two machines. One machine rests on the floor and the second machine is attached to the ceiling. Using these machines, the performers control the bag’s movements – the top four corners of the bag pulled upward by one performer, the bottom four corners pulled downward by the other. As the bag is unfurled, the nylon strings tighten.

The sounds made by the unfurling bag and the tightening of the nylon lines are amplified by a contact microphone and guitar amplifier. The performers are asked to make their movements as slow as possible, the resulting sounds as slow as possible. The video is one bag, two simultaneous views and five attempts at unfurling as music.

See also: Electro-Magnetic Chihuahua-nod Machine (video)

Exhibition History:
2011 Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, Canada), 2011 Doris McCarthy Gallery (Toronto, Canada); 2011 Jessica Bradley Art + Projects (Toronto, Canada)