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fluff- 2019

Vinyl LP with digital download

In collaboration with Eric Chenaux

Produced by Marla Hlady, Eric Chenaux and Avatar

Duration: 42 minutes, 37 seconds

Materials: mechanical microphones, mechanical VOX guitar amplifiers, mobile recording devices, various invented sound playback instruments, electric guitar, un-amplified electric guitar, whistling, various electronics

Photo: Front cover

Listen online here

FLUFF was made as part of The Instrument Project. In general, The Instrument Project is based on an on-going premise for sound collaborations wherein Hlady takes some element of a collaborator's practice and mechanizes it. With Chenaux, Hlady focused on their mutual interest in analog tremolo - tremolo produced spatially, not as a digital effect - and on Chenaux's extensive live performance and recording experience. Hlady designed two machines, Amp Spin (a turning guitar amplifier) and Mic Spin (a turning shotgun microphone), to be kinds of tremolo instruments.

Chenaux and Hlady's individual and collective artistic practices routinely incorporate field recordings as a mode of critical listening. For FLUFF, they combined field recording with musical improvisation using their own instruments (Chenaux with his guitar and Hlady with her invented instruments) in sites with a "field-performance recording" approach.

Once back in Avatar's sound studio, the tracks were played through studio monitors and re-recorded with spinning microphones (Mic Spin) or played through spinning amps (Amp Spin) and re-recorded with stationary microphones; producing slow and varied undulations through and within the stereo-field. This recording practice experiments with the exchange between the chance of the field and the controlled environment of the studio.

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